Preman S.L.

Creating linings, waistbands and bias tapes since 1977.

Our products

Unique designs for each client

Own design and manufacture for all kinds of fabrics for trousers and blazers for man, woman and child.

Possibility of manufacturing any type of composition and weight; from 100% cotton to 100% polyester, through all their mixtures.

Availability of economic basic fabrics, yarn dye and piece dye.

Adaptation and implementation of exclusive samples proposed by our customers.

An extense collection is presented each season with different combinations of waistbands and linings for all kind of garments: suit, denim, 5 pockets, chinos, garment dye, etc.

Our versatile machinery allows us to produce any kind of waistbands, adapting sizes, construction and component combinations to our clients needs.

Any fabric can be cut in all kind of biases:

  • Flat bias
  • Folded bias
  • Piping with cord


Selection of national and international customers


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Preman SL
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43550 Ulldecona (Tarragona), Spain - View map

Tel. +34 977 573 047
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PREMAN, S.L. has been the beneficiary of a GRANT of 167,629.68 euros from the PLAN RESIST PLUS AID granted by the Generalitat Valenciana through the Ministry of Finance and the Economic Model intended to support business solvency.

FILE FN-PGESI-2018-002728

Unión Europea IDAE
Energy improvement of the loom room
Project included in the line of aid for energy saving and efficiency in SMEs and large companies in the industrial sector, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), and managed by the IDAE under the National Energy Efficiency Fund, with the aim to achieve a cleaner and more sustainable economy. "A way to make Europe"
  • Beneficiary: Preman SL
  • Total inversion: 116.000 €
  • Amount of aid: 34.800 €
Resolution of the Board of Directors of the IDAE dated 6/3/2017, published in BOE nº 122 of 23/5/2017.

PREMAN, S.L. has received aid for its energy saving and efficiency project ENERGY IMPROVEMENT OF THE LOOMING ROOM, through the NATIONAL ENERGY EFFICIENCY FUND and managed by the INSTITUTE FOR DIVERSIFICATION AND ENERGY SAVING (IDAE), aid co-financed by the European Union through the FEDER Operational Program for Sustainable Growth 2014-2020. An energy saving and efficiency project has been developed consisting of the replacement of 4 obsolete technology rapier looms with 2 new equipment with the maximum performance in terms of production and energy. The collaboration of the best equipment manufacturers in the sector has been required, which will provide us with great energy and environmental savings in the process, achieving an estimated saving of 9.82 toe/year.